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In the online store www.andrianaveria.gr you will find silver jewelry, tobacco items, home decorations and many more items for you and your loved ones

Www.andrianaveria.gr was created in order to give all of you the opportunity to see and buy with one click the unique quality products that, since 1989, can be found in the physical store Andriana in Veria. There Adriana Holeva, Dimitris Kalamboukas and their family welcome you every day in the cozy space of their store, where you can find silver jewelry such as watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, but also decorative items for home and business. such as frames in various dimensions and styles and religious images. It also has various leather items such as wallets, tobacco cases, bags, belts, briefcases as well as various other items such as rosaries, cufflinks, smoking items (tobacco cases, lighters, pipes, cigar cases), key chains, board games (chess, ) and many more products at extremely competitive prices. Now you can have all the above quickly and simply at your door! Browse www.andrianaveria.gr and order the products you are interested in!